Type : Parkland
Holes: 18
Length: 6754
Par: 72
Designer: Pepe Gancedo
Since it reopened, El Chaparral Golf Club has become one of the most attractive golf clubs on the Costa del Sol, the result of the determination and efforts of Antonio Rubio's family business to position El Chaparral Golf Club as one of the preferred golf courses on the Costa del Sol.With an original design by Pepe Gancedo, this is the only golf course on the Costa del Sol with 6 par 3's, 6 par 4's and 6 par 5's. With a total length of 6000 metres, it offers a wide variety of holes and is quite a challenging course, requiring high levels of accuracy and skill.

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Sat, 16 Nov 20192 xOneball Green Fee with 1 x BuggyEUR 128.00
Sun, 17 Nov 20192 xOneball Green Fee with 1 x BuggyEUR 128.00
Mon, 18 Nov 20192 xOneball Green Fee with 1 x BuggyEUR 128.00
Tue, 19 Nov 20192 xOneball Green Fee with 1 x BuggyEUR 128.00
Wed, 20 Nov 20192 xOneball Green Fee with 1 x BuggyEUR 128.00
Quality of Greens
Course Layout
Course Condition
Value For Money
May 30, 2017

It's like being in the Alps on a 100 years ago by British-scale Course... Cheap Internet green fee € 58 with shared buggy, also has many other, especially Scandinavians tightened. When I was still playing with the first ball on the 10th hole, I had planned to be put into the forefront of my criticism. Even were the next teeing off 2 balls. Forget the so. It is an incredibly tight-scale forest / parkland course. (Reminded me of the first 9 of Son Servera, but still close). Tee-zone country rarely wider than about 25 m. Par 5 with Doppeldogleg built like a bobsleigh run, etc. I liked it, my wife did not. In any case, it has 6 x par 3 where you can practice from yellow to 150-190m long, permissible scattering angle approximately 10 degrees bds, presenting's not because gorge... just what special play once and then go elsewhere out. English pub in the clubhouse is alone worth the journey, the Quality of buggies (absolutely necessary) not determined. Brake test at delivery!! rather trade wenns seems sensible.

No negative comments.

February 2, 2017

I have seldom played such an exciting landscaped space. The most part very narrow fairways are almost on every hole a beautiful challenge (playful and scenic). Who plays the place for the first time, probably paid a lot of money teaching - especially among the numerous existing "blind" areas. Accurate knowledge space increase the enjoyment. Unfortunately, neither the handicap requirements nor the flow of the game are controlled, so that must be reckoned with very long playing time (we had almost six hours). The cheap green fees (low season: € 65 including buggy, which is highly recommended) probably attracts all year round at very many golfers. Fairways and greens were accordingly only a sufficient condition. Driving range, pro shop and club house make a good impression and look inviting. When Caddie Master lockers are available.

No negative comments.

K. Per
January 17, 2017

I can only agree with the previous reviewers, one of the closest places I've ever played. As the Course of white, at par 72, only 5,650 m has, we have, HCP 8 and 9, decided to play this course of white! While it was not an error, but without knowledge of space, it is brutally difficult to score here. Partially secluded fairways and greens. Very nice the 11, a bobsled run uphill, par 5,443 meters in length! Greens in perfect condition, some fairways are off state of improvement!

No negative comments.

January 12, 2017

Following a recommendation we played the golf course today; after track 6, we have terminated. The space is extremely tight, precise play is announced. With Handicap 4 and 5 but that was less of a problem. The most reductions were blocked due to reseeding, the fairways in a modest condition, the greens were a disaster. Partial repairs, partial vacancies without grass, etc. Regardless of the fact that at the tee time - we no one has drawn attention to this situation Reservation, has not yet happened to me in 23 years golf world as an unkempt place. Due to the location would be out of the system much more to do! Apparently, however a large number of green fee players is more important than a well-maintained complex. Once and never again.

No negative comments.

November 23, 2016

At 8.4. I played the course, booked through hotel incl GF Buggy € 80 absolutely gerechtferigt. The entire system is perfectly maintained, the service and the staff very helpful. The tracks are all very spectacular, varied and perfectly in excellent Zusatand the greens. Will play this course again when I'm on the Costa... and the selection is so large. In addition to La Reserva on my trip the most beautiful place.

No negative comments.

November 8, 2016

WOW, what a place. If you have a day is where you are not just hitting the balls, you have a problem. Very hilly. A nice clubhouse. Cart is mandatory - without you can not manage the place. A real challenge.

No negative comments.

Berlin Golf Bear
August 20, 2016

Played on 03.20.2014, HCP 13 Wonderful, unfortunately, very much frequented place. Even in the middle of the week of 4-Flights were started close together, which brings with it a certain pressure. According starters the place is always so busy. The pre-booked Cart (recommended due to the extreme Hügligkeit the site necessarily, if you are not endurance athletes) let himself only muster 10 minutes before the T-Time, so came up right at the beginning a little hectic. However, the abundance is the only drawback of the place - which in turn speaks for the quality of the system. The tracks are wonderful in the hilly, wooded terrain into "woven". The whole place is located in a lush pine forest, it is really quiet. There is only sparse "edge-building", the few houses are very far away from the fairway and are exceptionally pretty to look - no unfinished buildings! Again and again spectacular elevated tees that make the landing zones appear even smaller than they actually are. Unfortunately, this also brings some blind shots with it - some is hard to see where the train actually runs further. A reasonable score can be (if at all) only be achieved with adequate space knowledge. In the pro shop, the acquisition of a birdie book is recommended - makes sense since there is no telling-giving deduction tables. The greens have to be. Part in several stages, with hard to read breaks and designed so that they are playable often only from one side - very difficult to impossible if you landed on the wrong side of the green. The condition is - especially in view of the strong frequency of the place - very neat. Not perfect, but good. The greens look a little "rough", but are very fast and largely faithful. The service pro shop, starter and restaurant is friendly and efficient. A small bottle of water is included in the entry fee and the supply Scart one has offered us more food at least three times on the round (at modest prices). Conclusion: A won

No negative comments.

April 3, 2016

A real, very close forest course on the Costa del Sol. Haircuts poorly maintained, rest ok! Greens were very good! But very hard ... !!!

No negative comments.

Swiss Lefty
March 5, 2016

Do you like a lot of forest? Prefer narrow fairways and not always viewable Greens? If you rest important? Yes? Then El Chap is a must!

No negative comments.

February 28, 2016

The place is nicely laid out and has its charms. Unfortunately, one or the other path that is barely or not playable, as track 8 (can be beautiful track on the video on the homepage of the facility): You beat out a swath into a slope, the roll off almost every ball to the right leaves. Should he remain are random, they still have 160 meters over a large tree from the slope. Perfect would be a 240-meter slice here. I can not unfortunately. On the 17 of the rocks looks behind the green safe from beautiful, the blow a bit too long, the ball bounces back quickly 30 m... For us, not again.

No negative comments.

December 10, 2015

We (2 men, both 11 HCP) have played this course on 01/04/15. The place was very busy so we had to wait on every hole. The difficulty level is high, especially if you play the course for the first time. Because so many greens and fairways are shaded the grass is partly gone and earth is revealed. Overall, there are better places in this region.

No negative comments.

October 18, 2015

We also had attracted the offer, 2 green fees with Cart.. It was worth it in any case, as we now know... Before it but it came about but we were booked with two German-speaking Italians in an airplane, this fortunately knew the place already by repeated play. The whole place is characterized by hilly terrain on which the ball can roll to God knows where.. On the ground 10 discount on the access road must be - because our seniors companion had suddenly to do New Year's Eve preparations... And we had to leave again on our seven senses, there is no Hinweiß the discounts on the web course - this can be a booklet with 6 euros to buy! Even a little bit tired, it now goes back to the 17th.. the discount is good, still rolls right into the bushes - where there is already a whole nest balls. After the drop, you can now try up the canyon, or to suggest the trees. From here to play on the green, it requires not only the concentration but also the ability, in our case, of happiness. If you hit it to the powerful auftuende rock wall in the background, it's all over anyway! As I said, it was worth it in any case...

No negative comments.

October 1, 2015

We (HCP 5 and 9), were on 7 February at the beginning of our golf vacation in El Chaparral. The site has a great layout, nice and beautiful Gastro and a good pro shop. The green fee was good Buggy 54 € incl., But unfortunately the reductions in poor condition, the Grün's part were unfortunately. The place was very crowded, and accordingly a long round about 4 hours 30 minutes.

No negative comments.

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